bespoke training

and Development

New Products and Services 

When your organisation has invested in bringing a new offer to market, the ability of frontline people to deliver it to customers is critical. 

The unique nature of new offers demands original, bespoke content, focused on the difference these offers can make.  We have supported clients in launching new fuels, IT systems, loyalty schemes, cars and much more, using powerful, immersive blended learning. 

We equip frontline teams to deliver new products and services through: 

  • Experiencing them through the customer’s eyes and appreciating the value they offer. 
  • Becoming fluent in the benefits and how they are delivered. 
  • Applying this knowledge in a customer environment. 

Systems and Compliance

The challenge of ensuring that every employee has the knowledge and ability to comply with legislation, industry regulations and their organisations’ internal rules and processes, is a continual one, and a particularly tough one in environments of constant change and employee turnover. 

Our experience in equipping employees to operate within necessary rules is underpinned by our understanding of workplace behaviours and our practice of engaging people with the “why?” of compliance as much as the “how?”. 

We have supported organisations in ensuring compliance with employment, consumer, health, safety, anti-bribery and data protection laws, materials handling regulations and internal working practices and procedures of all kinds.  We track employees’ ability to interpret and apply their learning at work, to maintain accurate records and support continual adherence. 

Productive Relationships at Work

A diverse workplace, where there is continual challenge and debate, is often a highly creative and productive one.  Where differences in personalities and working / communication styles create unnecessary tensions and conflicts, these benefits are often lost and the smooth, efficient working of a team can be severely compromised. 

Managers and team members with well-developed people skills can make a significant difference to the ability of their teams to work collaboratively and productively.  They can minimise the inefficiencies of conflict and maximise high communication. 

Many skills, including empathy, emotional intelligence and critical thinking, contribute to productive working relationships.  We work with line managers and teams on how they work together; where individual skills can develop to support team performance and the actions they will take to make this real. 

Successful Customer Relations

Whatever product or service a customer is buying/using, the experience they have, however brief, will impact on their relationship with the brand behind it. 

Using Every Customer Wants® a powerful model based on observations of thousands of customer interactions, we equip customer service professionals to provide experiences that customer value, especially when time is limited and pressure is high. 

We support the development of skills that enable people to understand customers’ motivations, to respond with solutions that genuinely meet their needs and turn basic transactions into positive and memorable moments. 

Sales Effectiveness

Like many other working practices, sales is evolving fast.  Traditional selling techniques are often ineffective in a world where buying behaviours are changing and customers are driven by a wider range of needs. 

By helping sales professionals to work with customers to uncover these needs and meet them, we help forward thinking organisations increase their sales conversion rates and customer retention / advocacy. 

Our experience spans business to business and business to consumer selling; fast moving goods, high ticket items  and complex consultancy selling. 

Leadership Development 

The quality of an organisation’s leadership has a dramatic impact on that organisation’s performance; how people respond to their leaders directly influences the choices they make every day at work. 

We develop “intentional leaders”, using real world situations and challenges, to heighten self-awareness and help aspiring leaders to to be more authentic and effective. 

We draw on a range of different leaderships models, to build a stronger understanding of the impact that leaders have (and the impact they need to have) and the ability to apply the right type of leadership in differing workplace situations. 

Managing People 

The skills needed to successfully manage other people are hugely different to the day to day operations skills that many new managers will already have mastered.  The transition to line manager is therefore often challenging.  We help line managers develop a strong awareness of the key disciplines of people management and a realistic view of their own strengths and development needs. 

From recruiting and onboarding through performance conversations, managing absence, career guidance and personal development, all of our manager support solutions are: 

  • Based on robust research and the real world experiences of real managers. 
  • Highly varied and interactive, meeting the needs of managers with wide-ranging experiences and backgrounds. 
  • Focused on positive change –building  managers’ skills, knowledge and confidence, leading to measurable improvements in business results. 

Career and Talent Progression and Succession Planning

Spotting team members’ potential, being aware of their career aspirations and thinking ahead about the development of a team, are disciplines which, though often neglected, will contribute to a team’s future success. 

While the extent to which line managers need to actively support career and succession planning will vary significantly across roles and organisations; these are areas where strong management skills in the right place can make a significant difference. 

We help managers to understand the benefits of career and succession planning and the role they can play in supporting individual team members and the team as a whole, in shaping their futures. 

Change Management 

In a workplace where change is constant, line managers can be the guides and coaches who enable their people to successfully navigate change and thrive through it. We develop the ability of managers to: 

  • Appreciate the reality and the need for change, and see the bigger picture when considering the impact on themselves and their teams. 
  • Take team members through the change journey by facilitating their own understanding of the background and rationale. 
  • Adapt to new ways of working while maintaining a focus on immediate needs/deliverables and the wider needs of the organisation. 

All content is based on contemporary organisational development research and on real world change situations faced and embraced by real managers and their teams.