Would you fly on an aeroplane that hasn’t been upgraded or serviced in a while? 

…possibly not… 


Well, it doesn’t feel very safe! 

The same is true for managers. 

Would you entrust your teams to managers who haven’t been trained or upskilled on people management? 

No, you wouldn’t! 

Why? The cost is too high! 

Gallup research that: 

  • Only 10% of people naturally possess the talent to manage 
  • Globally, the cost of poor management approaches $7 trillion – or 9% to 10% of the world’s GDP. 

The Centre for Creative Leadership found that: 

  • 20% of first-time managers are doing a poor job, according to their subordinates. 
  • Almost 60% say they never received any training when they transitioned into their first leadership role. 

As we mention in our blog “Good managers don’t grow on trees”: good managers are not easy to find, however, they can be made. 

To excel in their roles and foster a productive and harmonious work environment, managers must be continuously upskilled and consistently trained in three key areas: effective communication, empathy, and coaching 


Effective Communication: The Foundation of Leadership 

Effective communication at all levels is the foundation of any successful organization 

Managers have a direct relationship with most of the workforce, making their communication skills fundamental.  

Here’s why great communication matters: 

  • Clear goals and expectations. 
  • Effective conflict prevention. 
  • Higher employee engagement. 
  • Lower employee turnover. 

Empathy: The Heart of Leadership 

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others 

It can make a substantial difference to a workplace culture and team interactions. 

Managing empathically will help managers to: 

  • Nurture employee well-being. 
  • Foster trust and respect. 
  • Build stronger relationships. 
  • Create successful teams.  

Becoming Coaches: Nurturing Talent and Potential 

Coaching can help implement learning that sticks and improvements that create long-term benefits 

When your managers become coaches, they create teams of highly successful people who get stuff done.  

Strong coaching contributes to: 

  • Skill development 
  • Performance improvement. 
  • Greater ownership of goals and objectives 

Investing in the upskilling and continuous training of your managers will bring real change to the wider business; from higher employee engagement to reduced turnover, improved performance, and a positive company culture. 

Guided on-the-job learning can help managers develop the necessary skills in the flow of their daily work. This ensures that the new skills are applied straight away, making them stick. 


The Motivation Agency has been supporting businesses in their Employee Engagement journey since 2006. 

Our bespoke training solutions are tailored to your needs and designed to help you achieve your goals. You can find out more about our serviceshere.

Alessandra Atria

Alessandra Atria

Marketing Manager

A marketer at heart, Alessandra has built her experience and skills across different industries and countries.

From launching Brands on global markets to analysing consumer behaviour to create the most effective marketing campaigns for TD SYNNEX (a global tech business working with household names such as Google, Apple and Cisco); her approach is led by data and characterised by a true passion for marketing and innovation. 

Her creative approach means she will find the best solution to tell a Brand’s story and clearly communicate its values through engaging content and comprehensive strategies.