What’s the real impact of a good customer experience?


While a decade or two ago, bad customer service meant losing the one or two customers who experienced it, nowadays it means changing your brand perception for the whole of your customer base. 

Customer experience it’s not just what you see on the surface (the face-to-face interactions or the online check-out process), it’s the whole customer journey from the initial point of contact to ongoing support and post-purchase engagement.  

Research by PWC shows that 13% of buyers are willing to pay more for a product or service that offers a good customer experience and that 49% of buyers will walk away from a brand after only one bad customer service experience. 

So, how can Brands shape their CX and create unique, meaningful experiences that stick? 

It all starts with 3 simple concepts:

Understanding: Do you really understand what your customers want?

Value: Do your customers really feel valued when experiencing your Brand?

Effort: How much effort do they really have to make when interacting with your services/products?



Anticipating Customer Needs. 

Addressing customer issues after they occur is no longer enough to guarantee a seamless and pleasant experience. Take a proactive stance and aim to anticipate and resolve customer needs before they arise. 🧠

Once you can identify patterns, predict customer requirements, and proactively offer solutions, you’ll be able to provide an enhanced and seamless experience that creates engagement and builds brand loyalty. 

Listening to the Customer. 

Feedback is king, and listening to it will help you identify areas for improvement and areas for incentive! Speech Balloon on OpenMoji

Many businesses forget that the most valuable and truthful feedback will come from their real-life customers and employees (rather than algorithms and scenario-based simulations). 

When you emphasise continuous feedback, you can gather endless insights and understand existing and arising pain points.  

Through customer surveys, social listening, sentiment analysis, online reviews and (last but not least) employee feedback, businesses can gain real-time feedback, identify areas of improvement, and implement changes that align with customer expectations. 



The Power of Individualisation 

Who doesn’t want to feel special and appreciated? 

With millions of offers for similar services and products, price differentiation is no longer enough🤑

One of the defining characteristics of the new customer experience is personalisation.  

Today’s customers expect tailored interactions that acknowledge their unique preferences, needs, and behaviours. 

Personalisation has become a cornerstone of successful customer experience strategies, from personalised product recommendations to targeted marketing campaigns, personalised offers and Reward and Loyalty programmes.✨ 

Emotional Connection. 

Customers seek brands that understand and empathize with their values, aspirations, and emotions. 🫶 

Research shows that 59% of all consumers feel companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience. 

Focus on humanizing interactions with your brand through personalized messaging, storytelling, and empathy-driven marketing. 

By creating emotional resonance, businesses can foster long-term brand loyalty and brand advocacy. 



Seamless Integration Across Touchpoints 

Nowadays, customers experience a multitude of touchpoints throughout their buying journey with a brand. 👀 🌐

A great CX seamlessly integrates interactions across various online and offline channels. This integration enables customers to engage with a brand effortlessly, ensuring consistency and continuity throughout their journey.  

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The new face of customer experience is a fusion of technology, personalisation, and human connection. 

It goes beyond transactional interactions, aiming to create meaningful and memorable experiences every step of the way.  

By embracing understanding customers, making them feel valued and ensuring an effortless experience of their brand both online and offline, businesses can unlock the full potential of customer experience and gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic marketplace.  

The future of CX is here, and companies that adapt and innovate will thrive in this customer-centric landscape. 


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Alessandra Atria

Alessandra Atria

Marketing Manager

A marketer at heart, Alessandra has built her experience and skills across different industries and countries.

From launching Brands on global markets to analysing consumer behaviour to create the most effective marketing campaigns for TD SYNNEX (a global tech business working with household names such as Google, Apple and Cisco); her approach is led by data and characterised by a true passion for marketing and innovation. 

Her creative approach means she will find the best solution to tell a Brand’s story and clearly communicate its values through engaging content and comprehensive strategies.