Designing a great onboarding experience


To support Shell in their ambition to create a central training portal where 6,500 UK frontline service station staff could start their onboarding journey and complete all necessary HSSE and compliance training

The project required a multi-tiered platform, to allow a hierarchical view within a service station and within the wider Shell organisation.   

This project presented the opportunity to support staff engagement at a Retailer level, ultimately increasing staff retention and boosting compliance statistics. 


How We Supported

We developed an online learning platform accessible by all.   

  • The platform had hierarchical access that allowed managers to oversee their teams’ learning journeys.   
  • While everyone was assigned to a core group of mandatory modules, retail managers were also able to create their own bespoke learning journey for their team members, allowing them to focus on relevant and specific training.   
  • Everyone could manage their own progress, with managers signing it off once complete

This tiered approach allowed for any additional training and resources to be quickly identified to support people in their development

Training shouldn’t feel like a chore, so we included a fun element and a touch of recognition:  

  • A “learning buddy” to accompany the learner on their onboarding journey. 
  • System-generated digital badges for completing a module or series of modules that could be shared on social media. 
  • “Congratulations” or “Well Done” digital badges that could be allocated by a manager to recognise and motivate performance. 

The success of this approach allowed us to expand the LMS and include some innovative enhancements, to create an engaging experience for the learner 

  • A variety of media assets such as e-Learning, videos, animations, downloads, uploads, and CMS pages. 
  • A peer-to -peer knowledge sharing area where colleagues can share videos of best practise.
  • A resources area, with different access levels, ensuring essential documentation is always to hand. 
  • An online calendar, for different business levels, where teams can create diary items relevant to their organisation. 
  • An event booking system enabling face to face and virtual training sessions to be advertised to the network, allowing attendees to sign up to the event. 


The Retail Learning Academy is used daily by every Shell-owned service station within the UK, with over 6,500 users.   

Completion rates are at an all-time high for mandatory HSSE, compliance and legislation modules nationally.  More than 1000 training events have been attended by over 10,000 people.   

Over 80,000 digital badges have been awarded for great performance. 

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