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Supporting seafarers’ mental and physical health



To support Shell Maritime in providing Seafarers with helpful information and resources on mental and physical health.

Shell Maritime recognised the importance of looking after one’s health, especially when spending a long time away from home.

This initiative aimed at equipping their Seafarers with the right knowledge to take care of themselves and their teammates.

How We Supported


As part of the Shell Goal Zero Programme and in line with Shell values, the Maritime Wellbeing Programme is designed to promote the need for good physical and mental health.

As well as providing practical tips, tools, and strategies to boost individual well-being, the programme creates a culture of care amongst Seafarers.

Seafarers and ship managers can undertake several short, easy-to-deliver activities, which can be completed on board.

As part of the programme, we created and made available:

  • A mobile app (iOS and Android) to access and download information and resources.
  • A dedicated website with a wealth of assets and information.
  • Additional external resources and support contacts were made available on both Apps and Websites.


Having useful resources available 24/7, both online and offline, allows everyone to access them in their own time.

Shell Maritime is now considered an industry-leading app, which is accessed from all over the world, across different devices.

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