East and North Hertfordshire and West Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust

A better place to work


To support the Primary Care Trust in successfully engaging their people following the merger of eight of their Primary Care Trusts.

As part of this merger, the management team acquired responsibility for 3,600 of their colleagues.

The Trust saw the opportunity to celebrate the new merger, the new management team and deliver the strategic vision to their workforce.


How We Supported

A merger is a fantastic opportunity to bring people together.

We supported the Primary Care Trust by:

  • Leading a series of workshops to develop the new vision and values for the organisation.
  • Developing a compelling storyline to help connect people with the new business strategy and values.
  • Creating organisation-wide communications to keep people informed and engaged with the vision.
  • Planning and facilitating an initial leadership launch event, followed by 12 additional ones, reaching 3,000 staff members.
  • Launching and managing a Long Service Awards and  Reward and Recognition programme.


Involving everyone in the process and clearly communicating with people about the new organisation’s vision and plans, enabled people to be part of the change process and have a sense of ownership and inclusion.

Organisation wide off-site events allowed people to take time away from their busy work environment and engage with colleagues from different departments, get to know the new leadership team, raise questions and hear direct responses from senior leaders.

The Reward and Recognition programme assisted in embedding the new values and creating a more open and honest culture, where staff felt recognised for their work and motivated in their day-to-day jobs.

The annual Employee Survey showed an increase in the engagement scores and confirmed that staff felt a renewed sense of purpose, direction and belonging.


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