Powering channel performance


To support Eaton in its journey towards empowering their sales teams in increasing their performance in their indirect sales channel.

How We Supported

Sales teams are the lifeblood of any successful business; motivating them to perform at their best is crucial for the growth and success of a company.

One of the most effective ways to motivate sales teams is through the implementation of a Reward and Recognition programme.

To support Eaton Power and its sales teams in their journey, we created:

  • A tactical 6-month sales incentive programme.
  • A bespoke programme website, available across 12 countries, translated into 7 languages, and accessible through 1,000 technology partners.


Creating a customised and fully accessible incentives programme, meant creating an empowering and equal experience for all sales teams, no matter their geographical locations and main language.

A high reseller participation rate meant a strong focus on sales of Eaton Power products throughout the campaign.

By the end of the campaign, year-on-year sales growth had increased by over 20%, yielding additional revenues in excess of $5m.

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