Being a manager is a tough job.  

Between pressure to hit KPIs and pressure to ensure your team is happy and supported, no day is the same, and no day is a walk in the park!


Additionally, many leaders feel they don’t get the right support from the business and (as that’s not enough) they don’t feel recognised for the job they do and the results they bring to the table. 

No wonder so many leaders are feeling overwhelmed and disengaged! 

When people feel underappreciated, they don’t see any career progression opportunities, they don’t get any support in their current role and don’t get rewarded (both financially and not) for their achievements; they leave. 


Disengaged employees cost their company the equivalent of 18% of their annual salary. 


And that’s a fact. 


Is your business ok with that?


Probably not.  

So, what should you do? 


Let’s start with the basics:

Support your leaders,

invest in them,

and make sure they’re equipped with the right skills to succeed in their roles.   

Unlocking interpersonal skills potential can lead to strong teams that move forward together, dealing effectively with operational challenges and smashing KPIs. 

And who doesn’t want that? 


 Where to start? 

Encourage your leaders to adopt new coaching skills, and embed the principles of empathy, leadership, and ownership.  

This will benefit their personal development, and have a great impact on their team and on your business culture. 

When looking at development, prioritise the skills that will give managers the best ability to tackle daily challenges while continuing to support their team’s success.   

Managers have an important role to play in any business and they need to feel supported and valued by the organisation they work for. 


People who manage other people need:  

  • Ability to effectively communicate. 
  • Ability to mentor and coach others. 
  • Ability to plan. 
  • Ability to delegate. 
  • Ability to listen and empathise with their team. 
  • A problem-solving attitude. 
  • A decision-making approach. 

Basically, they need to become coaches.  

When managers become coaches, they create a significant change in the way they interact with their teams.  

They start to ask, rather than tell. 

They prioritise people’s development. 

They regularly check in on their teams’ well-being.  

They take the time to understand how their team work best.  

They take time to understand the support their team need.  

They celebrate successes.  

They give people the ownership and motivation to achieve their goals. 


Think about it.  

Change can be achieved.    

You just need to believe and invest in your people. 


At The Motivation Agency, we are passionate aboutempowering people in their development journeys. 

Our E-Learning course Continue & Begin Fast Coaching Online has been developed in partnership with Nick Drake-Knight (internationally acclaimed coach, motivational speaker and author) and is a great tool for line managers to fully immerse themselves into a coaching role before practising with real people. 



Alessandra Atria

Alessandra Atria

Marketing Manager

A marketer at heart, Alessandra has built her experience and skills across different industries and countries.

From launching Brands on global markets to analysing consumer behaviour to create the most effective marketing campaigns for TD SYNNEX (a global tech business working with household names such as Google, Apple and Cisco); her approach is led by data and characterised by a true passion for marketing and innovation. 

Her creative approach means she will find the best solution to tell a Brand’s story and clearly communicate its values through engaging content and comprehensive strategies.