In every organisation, the role of a manager is critical in driving success, maintaining team engagement, and achieving goals.  

A good manager will provide guidance, support, and inspiration. 

However, not all managers are good managers, and not all good managers were born like that.  

So, what are the skills that define a good manager? 

Effective Communication: 📣

One of the fundamental traits of a good manager is the ability to communicate effectively.  

Good managers actively listen to their team members, clearly articulate expectations, and foster open and honest dialogue.  

They understand the role that regular and transparent communication has in building trust, resolving conflicts, and promoting collaboration and a culture of belonging. 

Empathy: 🫶

Empathy is a crucial characteristic of a good manager.  

Understanding team members’ needs, concerns, and perspectives creates a work environment where employees feel valued and motivated. 

Good managers possess emotional intelligence, meaning they recognise and manage their emotions while also being attuned to the emotions of others.

This enables them to handle difficult conversations with empathy and make well-informed decisions. 

Supportive and Trustworthy: ❤️

Good managers act as advocates for their teams.  

They provide the necessary resources, guidance, and support to help employees succeed in their roles.  

They trust their team members’ abilities and delegate tasks effectively, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment among the team. 

Good managers enable their teams to grow and thrive by creating and nurturing a supportive and trusting environment. 

Mentorship and Development: 🤝

Good managers understand the importance of professional growth and development.  

They actively mentor their team members, offering guidance, feedback, and opportunities for learning and advancement.  

They invest in their employees’ success, recognising that by helping them reach their full potential, they contribute to the overall success of the organization.  

Adaptability and Resilience: 🧠

Adaptability is crucial for managers. 

Good managers are open to new ideas, flexible in their approach, and willing to embrace change. There won’t be conversations such as: “We’ve always done it this way.” 

They lead by example, demonstrating resilience in the face of challenges and motivating their team to persevere.  

By fostering a culture of adaptability, they enable their teams to navigate uncertainties and seize opportunities.  

Appreciation and Recognition:

Recognising the efforts and achievements of team members is an essential aspect of good management.  

Good managers celebrate successes, acknowledge individual and team contributions, and provide constructive feedback.  

By showing appreciation, they create a positive work environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and inspired to perform at their best. 

Good managers don’t grow on trees. 

The good news is that good managers can be made

Being a good manager requires a unique blend of skills, qualities, and practices. Those skills, qualities and practices can be learned.  

From effective communication and empathy to support and mentorship, these attributes contribute to a positive work environment and drive team success.  

While no manager is perfect, aspiring to cultivate these traits can help individuals become better leaders and create a lasting impact on their teams.  

By embodying the qualities of a good manager, businesses can foster a culture of collaboration, growth, and achievement within their organisations. 


The Motivation Agency has been helping businesses with their Training requirements since 2006. 

Our e-Learning courses offer a wide range of learning opportunities to managers. Our Good Managers toolkit includes licences for two of our most sought-after courses (Em-Path Online and Continue and Begin Fast coaching ®). By completing the courses, your managers will acquire both Coaching skills that nurture a positive mindset and an empathic approach to their managing style. 


Alessandra Atria

Alessandra Atria

Marketing Manager

A marketer at heart, Alessandra has built her experience and skills across different industries and countries.

From launching Brands on global markets to analysing consumer behaviour to create the most effective marketing campaigns for TD SYNNEX (a global tech business working with household names such as Google, Apple and Cisco); her approach is led by data and characterised by a true passion for marketing and innovation. 

Her creative approach means she will find the best solution to tell a Brand’s story and clearly communicate its values through engaging content and comprehensive strategies.