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We care about people. We always listen to each other, show respect and value others’ opinions.

We encourage and nurture a positive and inclusive culture. 


We are always looking for new and better ways of doing things.

We challenge ourselves to think differently, inspire others and think outside of the box.


As a team, we are all passionate about what we do and about our clients.

We are passionate about achieving the best solutions and results for everyone.


We are clear, uncomplicated, easy to understand and honest. All ideas are valued and treated equally.

We help each other learn, thrive, and succeed.

Our values of putting people at the heart of everything we do and our passion for our clients and our work translate through everything we do and are reflected in our ambition to continuously develop our services, innovate and increase our knowledge.

Since 2006, The Motivation Agency has been helping businesses create environments where people can grow, thrive, and succeed.

We’ve had the pleasure to support amazing businesses in achieving their employee engagement goals and have built long-lasting relationships that create value.  

Over the years, we have learned about the challenges that businesses face every day in their Employee Engagement journey.

We understand that when it comes to creating Employee Engagement solutions and Learning & Development opportunities, every business is unique.

This means creating delivery options that can be online, face-to-face or a blend of both.  

A girl meeting on laptop and offline

In 2020, we created The Motivation Agency Online to support businesses’ requirements for bite-sized, self-paced, cost-effective e-Learning solutions.

A platform where clients can find a wide-ranging offer of ready-to-access e-Learning Courses, to improve their team’s performance and business culture. 

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Courses available on The Motivation Agency Online are SCORM compliant, and combine animation, videos, gamification, quizzes, and scenario-based learning, for an immersive and engaging, interactive eLearning experience.

They’re available to load onto your own Learning Management System / Learning Experience Platform or to access via our own platform.  


We are a friendly bunch, who go out of our way to make your life as easy as possible.

Our team combines the best of new talent alongside experienced specialists, who work with dedication and passion to deliver the best solutions for your organisation. 

Our consultants in Communication, Learning & Development, Digital Solutions and Reward & Recognition, are supported by an in-house team of instructional designers, illustrators, animators, and website and app developers.

Chantal - Managing Director

Chantal Profile Picture rectangle

Her career started in retail management for UK retail businesses Top Shop (Burton Group) and Richards (Storehouse).

Chantal then moved to the world of Performance Improvement, first leading the Client Services department at The Grass Roots Group (where she met some great talents, that she would later bring into The Motivation Agency) and then joining Global Reward and Recognition leader Maritz before its merger with Grass Roots.

In 2006, she set up The Motivation Agency, with the aim to assist Businesses with their Employee Engagement needs.

She leads The Motivation Agency with passion and innovation, nurturing a culture that has people at its core.

Dominic - Learning and Development Director

Dominic Doe profile picture rectangle

Dominic has worked closely with several big brands across different industries during his 20-year L&D career. 

From the automotive sector as Head of Dealer Sales Academy at MG Rover, then into a consultancy role leading learning programmes for the Volkswagen Academy and Toyota Europe before working extensively with the NHS and Shell amongst other major brands.  

Since 2009, Dominic has been part of The Motivation Agency, leading some of our clients’ most successful employee engagement programmes, and supporting them in improving organisational performance through blended learning solutions and incentive programmes. 

The key to his success is working in partnership with clients to find straightforward solutions to complex business challenges. 

Siobhan - Business Development Manager

Siobhan's profile picture

From Australian to UK businesses, Siobhan’s career has seen her working with a wide spectrum of industries across the globe. 

From assisting clients at The Belgravia Centre in London to supporting brands in their journeys while at Feefo, her experience and knowledge in Business Development make her the best person to ensure your company finds the perfect solution for your organisational needs and requirements.

Ian - Learning and Engagement Specialist

Ian Luxford Profile picture rectangle

Qualified to master’s level in education, organisational development and learning technologies, Ian has over thirty years of experience in creating employee engagement solutions across diverse industry sectors.

Ian started his career working with brands such as the ICC Information Group, The Financial Times Business Research Centre, and Investors in People UK, then joined The Grass Roots Group, setting up their Learning Services and developing their Employee Solutions proposition.

Ian’s passion means he will take the time to really understand a client’s needs and challenges before developing a solution that will deliver a measurable difference to their businesses.

Hugh - Learning and Development Trainer

Hugh Lawson Profile picture rectangle

An expert in behavioural change, Hugh has had a wide range of successes in coaching people over the last 20 years.

From working with UK household names such as Jardine Motors Group in the automotive sector and Shell in the petroleum industry to becoming a Coach for the British Waterski & Wakeboard Federation, Hugh has proven the effectiveness of great coaching more than once during his career. 

Driven by the buzz of live interaction, whether face-to-face or in virtual environments, he will deliver any type of training, adapting his delivery style to the audience, industry, and topic.

Hugh’s enthusiasm and passion for training, ensure delegates leave with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make a difference to the brands they represent.

Alan - Head of Digital Development

Alan Shacklock Profile picture rectangle

Starting his career as a Software and Web Developer first for The Grass Roots Group and then Maritz, Alan has used his passion for technology to help businesses find and implement the best tech applications available across various industries, keeping up with a constantly innovating landscape.

His enthusiasm for technology and continuous upskilling, allows Alan to inspire and guide our team in developing solutions that are accessible, engaging and utilise the most up-to-date technologies.

Liam - Sales Executive

Profile Image of Liam

With more than six years in Sales, Liam is highly skilled in working with our clients to deliver the best solutions, tailored to their needs. 

His background and knowledge of a wide spectrum of industries, from Retail to e-commerce, Hospitality and Human Resources allow him to really understand our client’s unique challenges and requirements

If you are looking for the best e-Learning solutions and online training to upskill and engage your employees, Liam is the person to talk to. 

Tricia - Project Manager

Tricia Shacklock profile picture rectangle

Tricia’s approach brings value-added skills that allow her to efficiently bring our client’s vision to life

Her experience at The Grass Roots Group has equipped her with the skills to quickly identify the best person for the job, match skills and put together the best talent for client programmes. 

Tricia joined The Motivation Agency in 2014, and her pragmatic and rigorous approach to client projects has kept everyone on track ever since, empowering the team to quickly overcome any unexpected challenge.

Amber - Learning Specialist & e-Learning Developer

Amber Orchard-Webb profile picture rectangle

With an early career at Costa Coffee, one of the most loved UK coffee retailers, as a Skills Development Advisor, Amber brings a wholesome approach to learning solutions for our clients. 

Her positivity and passionate approach to delivering training sessions, allow her audience to easily assimilate valuable information and crucial knowledge. 

Amber’s learning solutions are led by empathy and a deep understanding of how emotions can affect people’s behaviour, this brings even more power to her training, connecting her with her audience and creating long-lasting relationships.

Beth - Learning Specialist and e-Learning Developer

Beth Webb profile picture rectangle

An Electronic Engineer, Beth started her career creating technical, maintenance and operator manuals for land-based and naval radar systems at Plessey Company plc. 

She found her passion for instructional design and e-Learning while working as a Learning Specialist with the global performance improvement agency The Grass Roots Group. 

She joined The Motivation Agency in 2007, bringing a crisp vision to our blended learning solutions. Using the full range of Articulate 360 tools and Gomo rapid authoring software, Beth will create powerful learning modules that drive measurable change in skills, knowledge and performance. 

Her eye for detail and ability to translate complex information into easy-to-understand and engaging content allows Beth to create courses through which users can digest and assimilate extensive concepts effortlessly.

Alex - Learning Administrator

Alex Howell profile picture rectangle

Passionate about gaming, storytelling, and creating learning solutions, Alex develops some of the most engaging courses you will ever see

Her career has seen her working across different industries, from River Island to Twitch, empowering her with a flexible approach when it comes to people’s needs and a quick understanding of the challenges presented by different industries. 

The learning solutions she develops are accessible, enjoyable, and enriching.

Toby - Graphic & Digital Design Executive

Toby Micthell profile picture rectangle

Toby’s enthusiasm is reflected in his work, which brings an original perspective to our client’s projects. 

His eye for detail and deep understanding of the emotional charge of creative design captures the real essence of brands and communicates values and mission at a glance. 

Since joining The Motivation Agency in 2020, Toby has helped us bring our client’s vision to life through innovative creative design of animation, web design and visuals for blended learning modules.

Sam - Graphic & Digital Design Executive

Sam Hyde profile picture  rectangle

With a background in studying Media Production and an early career creating graphics for industrial safety training, Sam’s strengths lie in producing original and visually engaging products. 

His life-long passion for animation (he’s been creating them since he was 8 years old) is reflected in his creations, which bring our client’s vision to life through inspiring and engaging videos.

Issey - Creative Designer

Issey Ryan Profile Picture rectangle

Currently completing a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration at Loughborough University, Issey brings a fresh perspective on illustration, design, and animation to the team.

Her innovative thinking and collaborative approach make her a great addition to The Motivation Agency’s creative team, supporting us in creating exceptional creative solutions for our clients.


We are committed to helping people grow and develop sustainably.

Over the years we have supported our employees in their charitable commitments and other initiatives by UK-based charitable organisations.

For the last few years, we have proudly supported several charities, in their mission and are proud to continue to do so every year. 

Additionally, through The Motivation Agency Online, we are committed to donating 5% of proceeds of our off-the-shelf E-learning Courses to causes close to our values.

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